Stiffel Lamps

Stiffel Lamps are made with unique and elegant styles as they are created with expert craftsmanship. They truly live up to their reputation as their quality is extremely impeccable. We are going to review 3 different kinds of stiffel lamps so you can make an informed decision on which models will suit your taste the best.

Stiffel Bi-Coastal Table Lamp

This is a beautiful executive lamp that is perfect for your office or business. There are two clocks on this lamp so that you are able to set two different time zones if you prefer. Personally, I don’t know why you would need two clocks, but they look extravagant. It may be a business man who travels a lot and sometimes need to know two different time zones. Nonetheless, this model is one of Stiffel’s bestseller. It is 20.75 inches high and uses 60 watt.

Lamp Brass with Glass

This lamp has a rich and classical decor associated with it. It is heavy, weighing about 20 pounds and about 7 inches in diameter. This is a vintage lamp however it is very impressive. This is considered a collector’s item as it is no longer manufacture red. If you can find this item, you will see its stunning brass on top of a glass globe. This model is suitable for those that want the vintage feel for their home decor.

Traditional Satin Brass

This lamp features a candlestick style that has an inviting design. It has a 3 way socket to provide you with easy access to lighting control. It is about 33.5 inches tall and provides 12.5 inches of shade. Out of the three lamps reviewed, this one is meant more for a universal feel. It goes with almost any home decor that you may have.

Regardless of which model you decide to purchase, any model from Stiffel is made with high quality and will sure to please you.