Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you bored with your bedroom? Well, if the answer is yes maybe you ought to modify you décor or if you’re more adventurous, adding lighting fixtures. It is important to remember that putting lights need not mean illumination but sometimes it changes the aura and mood of the room. In a bedroom, it must be noted that the focal point is the bed and not other furniture. Hence, your lighting should go well with the bed. Still, it’s up to your taste on what fixture to add.

In current times, more families are purchasing smaller home due to the economic crisis. Hence the space is smaller. If this is the case, it is better to opt for a wall lamp since it doesn’t takes much space. Unnecessary furniture in a bedroom such as big shelves or tables since it adds to the feeling of clutter and disorder.

Choosing a color for the bedroom is one of the most crucial tasks because it is the foundation of the furniture and lighting fixture that you will add later on. Remember monochromatic photographs wherein it evokes a certain emotion of awe? Well, choosing a motif such as this will achieve the same effect in a room. Monochromatic colors and/ or light colors go well in a room. If you have big furniture, make sure it serves more than its indicated purpose. As an example huge dresser might serve as a full length mirror. You should utilize every space well.

Adding lights to this kind of room design is an easy feat because you just need to determine what mood to stimulate. Better if you get lamps with various settings so that you’ll be able to choose a specific mood at a certain time. Lamps with light dimmers are a good choice. For small spaces light plays a big role, too much light and it will make the place like a cabaret; too little light will make the place look like a haunted house.
Be creative in decorating your house, just choose the furniture that doesn’t take up much space if you have a small space. The colors and lighting is the key to making the room look bigger. Don’t choose big sets furniture since it would make a cluttered feeling; try furniture with multiple purposes as mentioned in the example above about the dresser and full length mirror in one.

Lastly, consider your personality and the room that you want to design. Make sure that it goes well it your personality to make it a comfortable place to stay. Having a little space is not an excuse for putting tacky furniture. Take that as a challenge and get your creative juices flowing.