Choosing Lamps and Themes

Whether your room is designed in a contemporary way, oriental or western, there is surely a style of lamp that will suit your aesthetic taste. Each lamp has a different story to tell and a place to fit in. Lamps are not just lighting fixtures but they also serves as decors that enhances the overall look of a room. Lamps come in various size, shape and style which provides a lot of choices for consumers. Buying lamps is similar to buying paintings since you have to look at it carefully and think whether works well with the room is or not.

Rooms that have urban designs usually have urban oriented design of lamps. This was made popular in America specifically in suburbia towns. This has usually designed with patterns such as flowers and animals. In some cases, graffiti are used. The ambience that this kind of lamb projects is the feeling in a suburbia community. In general, “mother nature” is the inspiration for urban style lamps.

Oriental or Asian designed lamps are usually produced in Asian countries. Their prints and patterns will make your room exude an oriental paradise. If your room contains Asian inspired furniture and prints, an Asian inspired lamp is a good choice. It enhances the natural feel of the orient. It’s like you have made a little Shanghai in your room.

Country style lamps works well with rooms with a woody feeling because they usually contain prints such as roosters and cows. This lamps are somewhat country-side oriented and makes the room colorful. The only thing missing is country music to induce the feeling of country-side comfort. If you want to have this kind of feel of a room, then better get a country-style inspired lamp.
If you’re room is artsy meaning you have contemporary art pieces, you might want to get lamps that looks like art pieces. Modern lamps will surely be fit to be called as a contemporary art piece. Also, you can use this kind of lamp to highlight the art pieces that you have and enhance it more. In short, you can make it stand out though the use of lamps.

If you would like to have a western-inspired room, you opt to have western style lamps. It gives the wild wild west feel to a room since the design are mostly cowboy oriented. With Indian decorations, this lamp is certainly a great contrast not only in culture but in terms of aesthetics. Similar to the country style lamp, this gives a woody aura to the room.

All of the mentioned types of lamps are just some classification. Make sure that you choose a lamp that suits a room well and does not go opposing with the other pieces or furniture. Try to look for lamps in Amazon or Ebay, surely they have a big selection to choose from. Choose Well!