Stiffel Table Lamps

Fine table lamps usually add taste and elegance to a room especially when these are Stiffel table lamps. Stiffel is a brand that’s dedicated to creating exquisite quality lamps. Now these lamps are not like the ones you can buy for a dime a dozen. They might be on the more expensive end but these lamps are not for those who sacrifice class for cost.

Here are a few things you should consider in choosing a table lamp that will best complement any space you want to place your Stiffel table lamp in. Of course, adding beautifully crafted Stiffel table lamps that clash with the whole feel of the space will prove to be counterproductive as far as aesthetics is concerned. So the first thing to consider is your setting. Some questions you might ask yourself before picking out the table lamp for you might include: where you would place the lamp; what is the over-all theme of the room?; are you going for a modern or contemporary look, a classic or maybe an old-fashion look?; or maybe the you’ll place it inside a room whose design is inspired by a country you have travelled to? Whatever look you are going for, make sure that the table lamp you choose enhances the over-all beauty of the room.

Here a few Stiffel table lamps that might help in choosing a lamp that’s for you. These lamps come in a variety of styles that complement specific interior design themes. The Stiffel Vintage Genuine Table Lamp Brass with Glass Globe is ideal for adding a richer more classical feel to any room you want to place it in. It comes in a golden brass finish with swirls of gold glass accents. You might also want the Stiffel Bi-coastal table lamp. It uses a taupe silk for its oval shade. Suspended over its stitched brown leather base are two polished nickel clocks in roman numerals. This lamp perfectly characterizes a chic and modern look. Finally, also check out the Stiffel Majestic Lamp. It features a cream shade mounted over a brushed steel finish. It boasts of elegant simplicity. This lamp could easily become a classic. Further, you can also choose to consider the Stiffel Majestic Lamp in Bronze Finish which looks a little bolder than its steel-finished counterpart.

A little thing you should also consider is the degree of illumination of the lamp and with that the power of the bulbs that are in the lamp themselves. That is if you are specifically looking to make use of your Stiffel table lamp not to serve its decorative purpose but also for its practical purpose value of lighting a room. Stiffel table lamps are not only known for quality designs but for its functionality as well.

Going back, there are still a lot of designs you can choose from to make sure that Stiffel table lamps give you just exactly what you want. But don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself. Who knows, that perfect table lamp you have long been looking for, for your corner table might just be a Stiffel.